My journey to yoga began in 2011, when I tried yoga for the first time strictly as a physical practice to supplement my regular exercise routine.  For a long time, yoga for me was just a physical practice, but yoga would prove to be so much more than that.  The simple connection of movement to breath has been utterly profound and life changing.  

I came to yoga for the physical practice, but I stayed for the healing.  

What I love most is that I learn something new about yoga and myself each and every time I come to my mat.  Yoga has taught me many lessons, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Time and time again I come to my yoga mat and work out the difficulties of the day, find my authentic self, relax and refresh, and am broken and made whole again by the beauty of this transformative practice.  

Somatic Therapy: Yoga In Psychotherapy

In my clinical work with clients, I offer a mind/body approach, called Somatic Therapy, which merges breath, movement, yoga postures, and psychoeducation around bodily sensations to assist client's in gaining access to emotional issues that may be not revealed through traditional talk therapy.  This is an approach that is gaining quite a lot of attention as being an effective treatment to depression, anxiety, trauma that is also more cost effective, sustainable, and produces few fewer side effects than medication and other western  medicines and therapy.  

Private Yoga Lessons

If you are simply looking to learn more about yoga and to be challenged physically and spiritually, I also offer private yoga lessons for both children and adults.  These can be given in an individual or group setting and don't include the use of traditional psychotherapy interventions.  Please message me further about rates and locations.  

Seva or Service

I believe that yoga is for everyone and every body.  Therefore, much of my practice is committed to making yoga accessible to those who need it most.  I have worked with many non-profits to bring yoga to populations that would not otherwise have the opportunity to practice yoga.  From March 2016 through April 2017 I worked as a Volunteer Yoga Instructor and Executive Director of UpRising Yoga, a non-profit dedicating to brining Yoga Life Skills to Incarcerated Youth and Underserved Communities.  

Currently, my Seva includes creating yoga programming, providing clinical supervision, and offering trauma therapy services to Real Escape From The Sex Trade (REST), a non-profit dedicated to providing resources to those affected by trauma related to human trafficking and/or sex work.