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As a human being, experience has taught me that pain can feel unbearable at times, and is also pervasive and an inevitable part of the human condition.  As a spiritual seeker, I know the truth of grace and how this lends itself to acceptance and the ability to transcend fear to love.   As a psychotherapist, yoga instructor, and mindfulness coach, I have the knowledge required to understand these processes intellectually and the skills to cultivate positive mental states.

My psychotherapy practice is a blend of science and spirituality to attend to the whole self.

Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a serious trauma, responding to changes at home, school, or work, suffering the loss of a loved one, having difficulty managing daily stresses, or maybe just feeling the je ne sais quoi of being on the verge of something new, I can guide you towards truth, compassion, courage, and happiness.

I strive to assist individuals in expanding the boundaries that limit them from awareness.  I am fully present for you so that you may find your own freedom and wisdom.

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Half Day Silent Retreat: Mindful compassion and self reflection 

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Give me everything mangled and bruised, and I will make a light of it to make you weep, and we will have rain, and begin again.
— Denna Metzger