Be Light. Be Love.

"Be Light. Be Love."  This short phrase is one I have used as a mantra for some time.  If you have practiced yoga or meditation, it is probably one that you have heard many times in varying forms. 

I have given much thought to the sentiment of this phrase and why it may be helpful for those who use it.  First, I believe it conjures up simple imagery, which assists in the meditation itself and can also be easily recalled and generalized to any situation.

Let’s break this statement down a bit to understand it better…..

Light in this setting can be thought of as the process through which Love moves.  The more your Love is able to illuminate as Light does, the more love and compassion you will feel and the more understanding, peace, wisdom and truth you will know.  It is both Light and Love that helps you to see that which is obscured or dark.

Light and Love is who you are at the core of your being; it is your truth; it is the person you aspire to be; the person you know you are when you are able to set aside the fear and pain; it is the feeling of utmost care, compassion, honesty, vulnerability, and aliveness that could possibly be felt; it is that flicker deep inside of you that says, “there is something more out there for me.”

Depending on your lived experiences, you may have some blockages preventing your Light and Love to illuminate to its fullest potential, as most of us do.  These take the form of past hurts, anger, sadness, fear, aversion, avoidance and any other combination of difficult emotions and thoughts that you may be having.  This is the area that you are called to work on as a part of your  journey. 

Through the use of mindfulness practices you can be assisted in addressing these hurdles so that you inner light may shine more clearly and decisively. 

Here is an example of how to use this statement in the form of a meditation to assist you in understanding the imagery, as well as the possibilities of your own Light and Love:

You can use this mantra throughout your day-to-day, particularly when you are experiencing a difficult emotions and need a boost to get you through. 

Please leave a comment below sharing your experience with this mantra and meditation.  How does it help you?  Where do you find your light and love getting stuck?