Happy Labor Day (and 2.5 weeks left of summer)!

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you enjoy the holiday, but I'm a bit concerned...  Why is everyone marking Labor Day weekend as the start of fall? 

We still have 2.5 weeks of summer left! 

Media,  advertising, and retail have been trying to get us out of summer since about July, with back to school shopping, fall scented and flavored things to buy, and now Halloween goodies in stores.  Now I'm seeing "end of summer sales" all over my social media feeds.  Why such the rush?

If you value mindfulness and present moment awareness, why not soak up this day and this season by allowing yourself to experience it at it is, rather than trying to make it something that it's not? 


To help you, here is a list of 10 things that you can do to honor presence and celebrate these last few weeks of summer:

1. Eat all the ice cream (but really, you should probably be doing this year round)!


2. Play at the beach.  Build a sand castle, soak up the rays, frolic in the sea, and make sure to wear your sunscreen.

3.  Take a last minute vacation or weekend getaway.

4.   Ride your bike to the Farmer's Market and take in the sights, smells, and tastes of summer produce.


5.  If the weather allows for it, hold off on the fall flannel and continue to rock your sandals, shorts, and floppy hats.

6. Marvel at a sunset or sunrise.

7. Have a picnic or BBQ at a park.  

8. Have a squirt gun and water balloon war.  Come on,  you're never too old.  

9. Get out on a boat for whale watching or other water sports.  

10. Enjoy some cold, homemade lemonade under an umbrella.

Today, as always, I reaffirm my commitment to be mindful, patient, and an observer to my experience as it is, because soon this moment, this day, and this season will be gone.